Hey, do you have a DeviantART account? I absolutely adore you sentient badger, extremely cute and very original :3

i do! it’s http://ununununium.deviantart.com/ although tbh you are better off following me on tumblr because i only update DA like a few times a year while it’s more regular on tumblr. my DA updates are also more incomplete compared to here too…

oop i just realized i never uploaded this! a portrait of my cousin for her birthday back in February~

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Well, I worked at a flowershop. And I would've loved to have helped! Guess it's too late... Great job though! I especially loved the character design. You know, I've always felt like I was working for the maffia while I was training to be a florist. Everyone in the business knows each other and they deal "goods". And they're tough(mean), I'll tell you that.

oh dang haha. yeah i kinda realized belated me that it might have been a good idea to reach out to tumble followers to ask for flower shop reference after the fact… ah well, maybe next time~

Are you already done with your flowershop project?

yeah, why?

omg your flower shop post is amazing!! but i noticed that in the first painting, the stoplight goes through the metal stairs on the building, just wanted to let you know in case you missed it ^_^

oh crap you’re right! i noticed it while i was still working on it but forgot to erase it before i finished ffff. thanks for telling me! stealth-fix’d it.

and glad you like the post. c:

second vis dev project of the semester! the prompt was to design exterior, interior, and owner(s) of a flower shop set in 1980s New York City.

this project, while interesting, kinda had me in agony because it was so environment-focused and environments are definitely a weak-point for me- ESPECIALLY interiors. but i think i came out of it for the better! i now have more of an idea of how i should approach environments in general and how do design them according to my style. i also learned that putting a few hours into creating lit block mesh renders in Maya, while agonizing, is SUPER helpful in making the final product look more solid.

and of course i had the most fun with the character designs haha. my story with them [and by extension the flower shop] is that the old woman [i think i named her Isabelle] runs the shop with two of her sons, Mikey [the rounder one] and Anthony [hella arms]. the twist is that the mother is actually the matriarch of an Italian mafia and the store is a front to launder their money. so when the brothers aren’t helpin their ma, they’re out breaking some hands and maybe some faces [tho tbh Mikey really prefers to tend the flower shop]. and don’t think that Ma doesn’t keep a loaded shotgun under the cashier counter so no funny business!!

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just past 1k followers on this blog!! dang thanks guys. c’:

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I don't remember if I replied before, but as for my tutorial question, I was thinking something simple like how you layer everything/pick and blend your colors?

i shall try my best!


my layers for the Zipa/El Dorado environment layout [actually ALL my environments] are kind of a organized mess in that i use a shitton of layers and nest them into groups to avoid losing my place in the layers and losing my mind. my basic rule for the actual order of layers is background stuff on the bottom, midgound stuff toward the middle, and foreground stuff toward the top. although in this particular case it was easier for me to separate the elements into just 2 main groups, background and foreground [or in this case labeled “bg all” and “characters all”].


to create these groups in Photoshop, simply click the happy little folder icon on the bottom of the layers window-


you can see how deep this madness runs…


another thing i use a lot is something called “clipping masks” which basically means when you make a layer into a clipping mask, whatever you draw or paint will be “masked” by the last “parent” layer beneath it. er. that doesn’t really make much sense when you try to explain it in words does it? have a look at these-



it’s basically like using the “lock transparent pixels” feature except with multiple layers if that’s what you’re more used to [which is actually what i normally use for less complex pieces]-


you can access the clipping mask feature by right-clicking the layer you want to clip OR use the keyboard shortcut alt+ctrl+g [which i have set to one of my tablet’s express keys i use it so much lol]-


and if you’re more of a SAI user [which i actually use most of the time before jumping into PS to do finishing touches lmao] you’re in luck!


for characters, my layers are usually a lot more straight forward-



and for personal work my layer use is even more sparse-


and as for COLOR PICKING i think i’ve said before i am absolute trash when it comes to color, ESPECIALLY with environments. with characters color picking is a bit more practical and in the end just comes down to how you want the character to feel and common sense. environment layouts are a bit more complex in that they can have MULTIPLE subjects but they all have to harmonize with each other and look unified. so instead of torturing myself trying to pick color schemes by hand, i usually just dig through my many gigs of inspiration folders and pick out art or photos i dig or match the mood i’m trying to portray. for the Zipa/El Dorado layout, i ended up going with a photo i found on tumblr and ran it through Photoshop’s mosaic filter to make color picking easier [actually if you’re suck on picking color schemes for characters, trying this method can help too]-


and then i sorta relied on the fact that the red serpent being such a big part of the composition would compliment the greens… or something… i’m bad at color i just kinda throw it all at the wall and see what sticks tbh haha. after going through these steps of course. as for “color blending” i actually… don’t… ahaha. if i can’t get the color i want through reference i just mess around with the color picker or the HSB slider to adjust my color. did i mention i’m awful at actually doing the “painting” in digital painting?? haha.

THIS IS REALLY LONG I’M SORRY but i hope it helped somewhat. :’>

here’s some links: Zipa/El Dorado project, older!Ellie fanart, photo reference [i uh… actually can’t find the original source for the photo i used?? the only thing Google is giving me is reposts sorry :c]


20-something Ellie and an older Joel because i just need these two to be happy okay that’s all i want in life THEY DESERVE HAPPINESS bye

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I'm going to just throw this out there... Your art is BEAUTIFUL! do you think that you could do tutorials for how you do some of your work? (Like the El Dorado stuff) honestly I'm just sitting here staring at it in awe

hey thanks!! it always makes me happy to hear people enjoying my art. c:

as for tutorials, i’m not entirely sure if i’ll have time to make anything other than a really simple one?? even then i don’t really know what kind of tutorial to make? so if i were to go ahead with a tutorial, what specifically should i make the tutorial of? [this goes for anyone who is interested btw]