second vis dev project of the semester! the prompt was to design exterior, interior, and owner(s) of a flower shop set in 1980s New York City.

this project, while interesting, kinda had me in agony because it was so environment-focused and environments are definitely a weak-point for me- ESPECIALLY interiors. but i think i came out of it for the better! i now have more of an idea of how i should approach environments in general and how do design them according to my style. i also learned that putting a few hours into creating lit block mesh renders in Maya, while agonizing, is SUPER helpful in making the final product look more solid.

and of course i had the most fun with the character designs haha. my story with them [and by extension the flower shop] is that the old woman [i think i named her Isabelle] runs the shop with two of her sons, Mikey [the rounder one] and Anthony [hella arms]. the twist is that the mother is actually the matriarch of an Italian mafia and the store is a front to launder their money. so when the brothers aren’t helpin their ma, they’re out breaking some hands and maybe some faces [tho tbh Mikey really prefers to tend the flower shop]. and don’t think that Ma doesn’t keep a loaded shotgun under the cashier counter so no funny business!!

7 months ago
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